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This is a place for music-making leaders to link to stuff they have to sell online - music, books, online lessons etc. If you want to list something here send an email to with details of what group(s) you lead, and what you have to sell.

If you don't have an online platform you can list items through our store without any commission until at least the end of June 2020.

Jacqueline Gawler writes: "This is for the multi-award winning vocal ensemble Coco's Lunch, of which I am one fifth. Our website is We have two pages on our website for 'selling stuff'. One is for our award-winning original albums:  And one is for our original sheet music, which we sell to vocal ensembles and choirs worldwide: Both pages are great resources for teachers and music groups.

Mark O'Leary from the Young Voices of Melbourne and Exaudi writes: "CMVic people might be interested in our online sight singing program: It's a carefully graded sight singing program that can be done remotely, and is suitable for all ages. Keep safe and keep singing!

Belinda Gillam writes: "The Belinda Gillam Sing Studio is for anyone who loves singing, and wants to do it better. Online lessons now available via Zoom or Skype.  Complimentary 30 minute lesson for new students. For further information, go to or call 0409 858 132.


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