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    By Annie Fletcher

    Fun fact - Did you know that in early African societies drums were played to make an announcement or to call the villagers to a meeting? Messages were also passed down the line from village to village, somewhat like Morse code prior to the invention of the telephone!

    Reference source- Salaka, African Beat.

    2020- What a year! And what a journey in in adaptability for us all!

    With the sudden onset of Covid-19 restrictions in March I was indeed fortunate to have a strong dedicated group of student drummers who were happy to pursue the continuity of group classes by ‘hook or by crook’. After a good deal of research, experimentation, ‘trial and error’ test runs and plenty of wrangling the beast (the online platform) we succeeded. Together we continued to learn, laugh and chat along the way. Many students were very pleased to have one solid weekly booking in the diary and plenty of recorded optional homework practise has kept others busy.

    As the wattles started to bloom and the date for the annual Wattle Festival loomed we decided to join in the fun of the wonderful scarecrows throughout the village and record a video for Wattle Festival day. The video showcases fifteen enthusiastic individuals and Covid safe pairs playing a snippet of their favourite grooves and was edited by Terry Fletcher. The video can be found on the ‘Drum Connection Aus’ facebook page. You do not need a facebook login to see this page, just put Drum Connection Aus into the search bar. When asked to login in or create an account click ‘Not Now” at the bottom of the page.

    Alternatively it is on the Virtual wattle Festival 2020 website Go to the Allwood House page on the map and click on the link on the first slide image.

    This would have been our 15th performance at the Wattle Festival so we could not let it go by without a rhythm or two. We also had a few laughs putting ourselves in the spotlight, fiddling with buttons on recording devices and developing yet more new IT skills along the way. Drumming will continue with gusto into term 4 and hopefully for many years to come, by ‘hook or by line’! Here’s my sign off for the pandemic which has also kept us moving along in time!

    "We will survive
    & thrive
    to continue !"

    Annie Fletcher