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    "Defiant Voices: How Australia's Female Convicts Challenged Authority" by Babette Smith is $49.99, NLA Publishing at

    Between 1788 and 1853, approximately 25,000 women were transported to Australia. For nearly 200 years, there has been a chorus of outrage at their vulgarity, their depravity and their promiscuity. Babette Smith takes the reader beyond this traditional casting of convict women, looking for evidence of their humanity and individuality. Certainly some were desperate, overwhelmed by a relentless chain of criminal convictions, drunkenness and despair. But others were heroic, defiant.

    Defiant Voices tells the story of the Crown trying and failing to make its prisoners subservient to a harsh penal system.

    IS THERE A SONG/S IN THIS STORY?? Kass is suggesting that our song writers might like to address this subject with a little musical creativity?? In the spirit of songs such as "Pennyweight Hill" by Michael Kennedy at, [performed by Millenium Chorus in Gurrong 2014], or The Female Factory / Convict Maid, arranged and performed by Battlers Ballad (Chloe and Jason Roweth, Bill Browne) live performance at Humph Hall, Sydney, Australia, Spring 2012, Listen to John Warner's "Andersons Coast" performed by the Boite's Millenium Chorus, 2014 at, lead by the wonderful Jane Thompson and James Rigby.