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  • › CMVic announces exciting new Leadership Program: A project for the people


    You’re going to bend it, you’re going to make it, you’re going to recreate it and it’s going to turn into your style and yourmethod and your system in your community; it’s about making community music in your community in the way that suits it best. – Jane Coker, Community Music Victoria

    The information-gathering phase of an exciting new CMVic driven Leadership Program is gathering pace, steered by the Gippsland-based, community music dream-team, Jane Coker and Lyndal Chambers. With funding from Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, the duo will design a proposal for a new state-wide community music leadership program based on what people who are passionate about the power of group music making tell them is needed, to stimulate the growth of inclusive singing and instrumental music making across Victoria. Read more...