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    Brimbank World of Music (BWM) presents Festival of Collaboration and Improvisation With Bobby Singh and Jeff Lang – September 2018

    In the melding of diverse cultures, ethnicities, disciplines and ideas, this unique festival offers an even more unique opportunity to attend a masterclass on collaboration, put your experience into practice with a group of like-minded musicians AND have an opportunity for a public performance of your collaboration to a very appreciative audience in Brimbank.

    The masterclass/workshop in cross cultural cross-cultural collaboration and improvisation led by renowned Aria award winning musicians Bobby Singh and Jeffrey Lang, will explore the many facets of cross-cultural musical creativity and offers the opportunity for new collaborative practice that recognises and offers approaches to managing the ethical implications of cross cultural practice.

    At the masterclass/workshop on Saturday 1 September attending musicians will be encouraged to develop or participate in a new, collaborative group. You will be offered (3 x 3 hrs) rehearsal space between 2 September and 15 September to rehearse or develop a new improvisation practice with the assistance of Bobby and Jeff. You will get an opportunity to perform in a public venue between Friday 14th September and Sunday 16th September. We are hoping to have between 4 and 6 groups perform in venues across Brimbank in a festival of collaboration and improvisational practice.

    The masterclass is designed for all musicians including vocalists experienced in any musical tradition. Participants must have at least a year of proficiency on their instrument. The masterclass is offered at no charge for participants but has limited spaces. It is open to all musicians, but priority will be given to Brimbank residents.

    Not only is the masterclass workshop offered at NO COST to participating musicians but we are working on getting you some form of payment for the performance (TBC)

    So the relevant details:

    Masterclass/Workshop in Collaboration and Improvisation
    Saturday 1 Sept 2018 at the Bowery Theatre, St. Albans 10 am to 5pm. No cost but participation by application.

    Rehearsal period
    Sunday 2 Sept to 15 September. We are attempting to offer access to appropriate rehearsal space for each of the groups for 3 x 3 hr. rehearsals at a time convenient to each of the groups within reason. Each of the groups will have some access to Bobby or Jeff as consultants.

    Friday 14th to Sunday 16th September. Each group will be scheduled into a program of public performance at an appropriate venue in an urbanized center in Brimbank.

    Register for the workshop
    Not only is the masterclass workshop offered at NO COST to participating musicians but we are working on getting you some form of payment for the performance (TBC).
    Register here.

    About BWM: Brimbank World of Music is a brand-new community based organisation that celebrates the dynamic and vibrant music produced by the multicultural communities of the western region. BWM has a specific focus on cross cultural, cross genre collaboration that enables musicians from various backgrounds and working across different genres and instruments to come together and generate entirely new kinds of expressions that transcend conventional styles and categories and that uniquely reflects contemporary Australian culture.