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    "ONE OF the many things that COVID has revealed to me, is that if you love a place, it will love you back. It’s an extension of Arthur Rubinstein’s idea that "if you love life, life will love you back". This year, Terry and I have been walking close to home more than ever before. We have discovered many new places, sometimes returning at different times of the day, as the light and the length of the shadows change. During the COVID era, my love of this region has grown ever deeper. I love the gentle lapping of water along the Western Port Bay coastline and I love the surf crashing on to rocks at Kilcunda. I love the floating morning mists at the mouth of the Bass River and in the hills behind Grantville. I love the peace of the Rhyll wetlands and the pink stillness of Swan Lake at sunset.
    And I love the birds. So many birds. I love the V-lines of birds that fly over the Conservation Hill Reserve at dusk. They come in waves and fly so low at times you can hear the whoosh of their feathers in the air. I love the way the pelicans gather as a community at Settlement Point in Corinella and in the wetlands near Churchill Island."

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