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    Free access to "A Different Voice, A Different Song" – book about the natural voice movement

    Caroline Bithell’s book A Different Voice, A Different Song is now Open Access, which means that it is available to read online or download for free. Go to and Click the Open Access icon at the top right.
    The book includes chapters on the history of the natural voice movement, the principles and practices of the NVN, warm-ups, singing songs from different cultures, the world of community choirs, singing camps and travels, and more. It also has a companion website featuring video clips, lists of useful songbooks and other resources for choir leaders, links to useful websites, etc. Lots of NVN members were included in the research and are featured in the book.

    Caroline concludes with: "If a new world is to be fashioned, then all should have a place in it. If we are to be part of a “big society”, then everyone should be invited to the party. If singing helps to get us there, so much the bette."