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A number of leaders of singing and music groups continue to run at least some of their sessions online but have found it challenging to decide on a fair fee to participants. At its meeting in July 2020, the VicSings Steering Group gathered a number of approaches being taken by different leaders. There was a wide range of approaches and these are listed here:

  1. The same fee as the normal (face-to-face) rate, but with a shorter session (up to half the normal time) to reflect the substantially greater workload involved in preparing for an online session
  2. Participants pay a fee of half the normal (face-face) rate for the group
  3. A flat rate fee of $5
  4. A ‘pay as you can’ approach where participants pay what they feel is appropriate and possible. Some leaders saw this as an approach that also reflected the financial hardship that many participants would also be experiencing.  
  5. No fee – which may be appropriate when the leader doesn’t feel confident about the quality of the session, or when the leader is in receipt of Centrelink.

Ultimately, it is up to individual leaders to decide what is most appropriate for their group, given all the circumstances relating to their group.

Good luck wth your return to semi-normal, and don't hesitate to contact CMVic if you think we can help!