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    Are you feeling eco-grief, solastalgia, or worried about the climate and ecological crises?

    The Musicians Climate Crisis Network may be for you.


    We meet (via Zoom) to learn, share and support each other as we face this crisis in our own artistic practices.

    This group is for musicians, songwriters, singers choir folk (and other artists) who are grappling with the climate crisis. It is a respectful community with the aim of supporting each other in our own climate action as performers. The future is bringing some huge social, economic and ecological changes and we face an increasingly high probability of some form or social and economic collapse.

    We need to build resilience in our own lives and in our communities. There are new stories to tell and new narratives to create that will help us cope into the future.

    We cannot face eco-grief alone. We need to support each other. The Musicians Climate Crisis Network is Melbourne based and meets monthly on a Saturday morning to:

    1)     learn more about the climate crisis from experts

    2)     support each other’s' emotional journeys as we face this new reality

    3)     share about what this means for our music/art so that we can be relevant and have a voice of compassion and truthfulness.

    This network was created by musician and climate activist/writer Simon Kerr

    Contact Simon at if you are interested. Because this is supportive and safe community, we welcome those who are aligned with our aims. It is not a public group.

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