Get social with us!

Find a Group

On our groups pages we list a great number of singing and music groups, along with a few details about themselves.  The on-line search facility will help you to find a group near you, or one that is involved with a particular style of music.  However, if you cannot find the group you are looking for then we have a more extensive off-line database which we can query if you contact us directly.

Find a Teacher

In addition to the membership details that can be added on-line, we also hold additional information in our off-line database about those members with teaching and leadership skills which we can query if you contact us directly. On our groups pages, paid up members of CMVic are also being encouraged to add an individual entry if they wish to advertise particular skills, such as tearching, leadership, musical arranging, instrument repair, and so on.

Online Forums

Our new look website has a built in forum where our paid up members can get involved in on-line discussions about music making ideas and issues, and where they can share their ideas and make contact with each other.

Networking Events

The various events that are organised by CMVic always have plenty of time built in for the participants to get to know each other and share their ideas. We have found that exchangning repertoire and sharing stories in a safe and accepting environment is one of the most valued parts of our get togethers.