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Board of Management

CMVic relies heavily on the volunteer members of its Board of Management, which makes key decisions for the organisation. The Board of Management usually meet six times per year.

Board Working Groups

Much of the organisation’s detailed business is overseen by ‘working groups’ whose minutes are a standing item of the Board agenda. Each group has as its members at least two Board members and one CMVic Coordinator. In 2019 these groups were:

  • Governance Group: Oversight of all aspects of governance, finance, and personnel; also acting as Board Executive Group for short term decisions
  • Program Group: Oversight of all aspects of CMVic’s artistic program and its delivery
  • Communications and Fundraising Group: Oversight of all aspects of external communications, including the website, social media, newsletters, and fundraising activities (excluding project grant proposals)

Program Steering Groups

A vital aspect of CMVic’s governance and operation is the active engagement with its volunteer base. Two steering groups play a central part in this engagement:

  • VicSings: Representing CMVic’s state-wide broad initiative designed to weave community singing into the cultural fabric of Victoria. Members of Vic Sings include one CMVic Coordinator plus many active volunteers, all of whom are experienced community singing leaders able to apply highly valued expertise to our activities. The group provides regular advice to the CMVic Program Group.Read more about Vic Sings here.
  • VicPlays (formerly Victoria Makes Music): Representing CMVic’s more recent support of instrumental community music groups. This group was less active during 2019 but is re-establishing itself for 2020. Members of VPM include experienced instrumental group leaders and musicians who are keen to see new groups established around the state.

Project Steering Groups

All externally funded projects are overseen by a project steering group whose members are drawn from the Board, CMVic Coordinators, and volunteers as appropriate. Project Managers are ex-officio members of the relevant group, and project steering groups provide written reports regularly to the Program Group.

Key Personnel

Volunteers: Around 50 people generously offer their time to help run operations, sit on governance groups, run music and singing groups, provide mentorship and input to the various projects

CMVic Coordinators: CMVic employs several (five in 2020) part-time Coordinators to deliver our core activities, amounting to a total of 1.14 EFT of paid time. In addition, all Coordinators offer substantial volunteer time to support many aspects of the organisation.

Project Managers: CMVic employs contract staff (both paid and volunteer) to coordinate delivery of externally funded projects.