Get social with us!

Community Music Victoria is totally committed to participation as a great way to enjoy and share music

To provide opportunities for people to share their ideas, skills and music, CMVic organises a variety of events throughout the year.  We are always open to new ideas about events and activities where music is involved - please contact us if you'd like to discuss any opportunity coming up.


Together with our partners we put on a couple of festivals a year. Our aim is to provide a fun environment for everyone to enjoy music in an informal setting, and to encourage people to get involved in music making themselves, especially if they thought they 'weren't good enough'.  We often have sessions where anyone can pick up a ukulele or a marimba stick and join in with a group, and we put on more organised workshops for those with a little more experience. A recent example of such a festival is Fiddlehead.

Weekend camps

One of the highlights of our annual program are the frequent weekend camps that we organise for our members. Our aim is to put on participative sessions on various aspects of music making, and to provide plenty of time for networking and sharing of ideas over a coffee or a beer. A recent example is the Victoria Makes Music Camp.

Leadership days

We have found that leading music groups is a wonderfully complex activity, and the experience that can be shared during our leadership days has proved invaluable. We have found there is no single approach that works for everybody or for every group, and that the engagement of the whole group is a vital part of joyful music making.


We are always keen to work with our partners to put on workshops within events and festivals around the region. This is a great way to introduce people to the joys of participative music making, and to provide support for potential leaders who may want to start new music groups themselves.

Repertoire swaps

Sharing music repertoire is a wonderful way for music groups and leaders to support each other. We organise sessions where a small number of groups or leaders each bring along their favourite song or tune and teach the others so they can add it to their repertoire.