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Community Music Victoria's has four major goals:

Goal 1: Leadership and Skills: Increase the number of skilled community music leaders, and enable ongoing support and development for community music leaders in Victoria. Our aim is for such leaders to have the skills, credibility and opportunity to initiate new and diverse group music and singing activities, support existing ones, and ensure their initiatives are independently sustainable.

Goal 2: Participation: Draw new participants and artists into community music-making, focusing particularly on those new to participatory music making, and on diverse, marginalised and disadvantaged groups, such as regional communities, and those with a disability.

Goal 3: Advocacy: Expand our role as the peak body for community music, fostering understanding of the value of participatory music-making in daily life, establishing participatory music-making as a common element of arts organisations’ strategies, community health programs, and broader government strategy.

Goal 4: Sustainability: Build on CMVic’s proud history as a leading organisation for participatory music-making in Victoria, maintaining our long-term sustainability with diverse funding streams, a substantial and engaged membership, efficient IT based processes, and a strong core team of staff and volunteers delivering our goals.

Our activities are designed to develop one or more of our goals:

Leadership Skills, Mentorship and Support

CMVic has developed a network of experienced music and workshop leaders, and has gathered a body of knowledge about leadership skills. We pass this on by providing: 

  • support to music groups who are just starting up
  • mentorship to music leaders
  • a variety of events aimed at developing leadership skills


In collaboration with our partners, CMVic organises a wide range of events for people of all musical abilities. These events 

  • provide opportunities for everyone to play music in a secure and friendly environment
  • support existing singing or music groups and their leaders
  • encourage new leaders to start new groups
  • provide the opportunity for sharing repertoire and leadership skills

Publications and Resources

CMVic puts together a number of regular publications and makes available various musical resources (scores and mp3 recordings) for all types of singing or music groups. Some of our publications are available at no cost whilst others you can purchase from our online store

Funded Programs and Projects

CMVic works with partners to develop focused programs and projects, and frequently seeks funding from relevant arts and philanthropic organisations. Further details of these can be found here


CMVic helps musicians and music groups get to know each and share their ideas, skills, and music. We encourage this through the events we organise (also listed at the bottom of this page), and through this website which hosts a range of networking opportunities

For an example of the work we do, watch this youtube clip, which features CMVic as one of the partners of Raising the Roof - where vocal and instrumental ensembles from across Victoria came together to celebrate the New Hamer Hall in a music-making event on a grand scale (2013).