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    Martie Lowenstein from "Sing till you Grin" will teach an online course which covers 200 years of what life was like throughout Australian history, illustrated by Australian folk songs, poems and real life stories from 1788 to 1988. The sessions cover a mix of well-known and unfamiliar Australian bush songs, poems and historical interviews from the "Wendy Lowenstein Oral History Collection" along with group discussion. 

    The attendees can contribute family history stories, outback Australian experiences, favourite Australian poems and songs such as Lawson, Banjo Patterson, and authors who relate historical stories of everyday Australian life. . Every participant gets a copy of the "Joy Durst Australian Song Collection" for private use. This PDF file from the Victorian Folk Music Club  (VFMC) contains the words, sheet music and chords of 100 Australian songs.

    The course includes lots of fun singalong of well-known and less familiar folk songs using online words and music. Don't worry, no-one can hear you sing, as we mute voices and use accompanying  music for details

    Week 1. Convict Days, starting with European settlement in 1788

    Week 2. Squatters, Settlers and Bushrangers
    Week 3. Shearers, Drovers, Bullockies and Bush Songs

    Week 4. The Gold Rush, Lawson, Patterson and stories of rural life

    Week 5. 1900-1945 War Songs and the Great Depression 

    Week 6. Popular Songs 1950 - 80's written by Australians about Australian life-  Slim Dusty, Seekers, Easy Beats, Bushwhackers, Men at Work, Peter Allen, Midnight Oil, Jimmy Barnes.

    Only $30.00 for a 6 week online musical journey through 200 years of real Australian history with 50% concession for people currently on benefits or in difficult financial circumstances.

    Martie is happy to discuss adapting this course to suit your needs and timetable.

    Martie Lowenstein is the daughter of Wendy Lowenstein a pioneering Australian oral historian whose collection of interviews of everyday people from 1966 -1997 covering over 800 life stories. Wendy Lowenstein was the editor of the magazine "Australian Tradition", co-founder of the Victorian Bush Music Club and involved in organising the first Port Phillip Folk Festival in 1967. 


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