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Community Music Victoria (CMVic) is a not-for-profit, membership-based association that supports, promotes and facilitates music-making among Victorian communities

Our vision

CMVic’s vision is for high quality participatory music-making experiences to be available to all Victorians, and our mission is to facilitate the development of the skills, opportunities and networks necessary to bring this about. CMVic envisages a society that has music-making as a natural and assumed part of Australian daily life and as a key component for happy, healthy, socially-connected living. Our vision is for participatory music experiences to be available to all, whatever their background or ability. Read more about our purpose and mission statement here...

We have four major goals:

Participation - To draw substantial numbers of new participants and artists into community music making, focusing particularly on younger people, marginalised groups, remote Victorian communities, and those completely new to music-making.

Advocacy - To be a powerful and trusted advocate for community music, fostering understanding of the value of music making in daily life, establishing participatory music making as a common element of arts organisations’ strategies and a valued part of community health programs.

Leadership - To support existing music leaders, and significantly increase the number of great community music leaders with the ability and credibility to sustain and support music/singing groups and activities, initiate new ones, and bring creative approaches to securing funding to make their projects independently sustainable.

Sustainability - To build on CMVic’s proud history as a leading organisation for participatory music-making in Victoria, increasing our long term sustainability with diverse funding streams, a substantial and engaged membership, and a strong core team delivering our goals.

Our beliefs

CMVic believes that everyone has the need, right and capacity to make music regardless of whether they've been doing so for years or are just starting out. Making music together can be a truly joyful experience and has profound potential to enhance many individual and community capacities. Read more about our beliefs here...

Our history

CMVic has been promoting participatory music making in Victoria for almost two decades. It's something we're very proud of.  Read more about our history here...

Our strategic plans

CMVic has ambitious plans to build on its highly successful programs to date.  By making available a wider range of resources and support, we plan for a further expansion of new groups and for an even greater number of participants from all walks of life. Read more about our strategic plans here...

CMVic believes that everyone, whatever their ability or background, has the need, right and capacity to make music.