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To enhance health and wellbeing, strengthen communities, build social connectedness, and lessen social isolation, through widespread participation in active music making, 


To facilitate the development of the skills, opportunities and networks necessary for participatory and accessible music-making to be available to all Victorians, whatever their skills or background. More here. Making music together is a great entry point into creativity and results in profound benefits to individual and community health and well-being. We deliver this mission by focussing our activities around four major goals:


Goal 1: Leadership and Skills: Increase the number of skilled community music leaders, and enable ongoing support and development for community music leaders in Victoria. Our aim is for such leaders to have the skills, credibility and opportunity to initiate new and diverse group music and singing activities, support existing ones, and ensure their initiatives are independently sustainable.

Goal 2: Participation: Draw new participants and artists into community music-making, focusing particularly on those new to participatory music making, and on diverse, marginalised and disadvantaged groups, such as regional communities, and those with a disability.

Goal 3: Advocacy: Expand our role as the peak body for community music, fostering understanding of the value of participatory music-making in daily life, establishing participatory music-making as a common element of arts organisations’ strategies, community health programs, and broader government strategy.

Goal 4: Sustainability: Build on CMVic’s proud history as a leading organisation for participatory music-making in Victoria, maintaining our long-term sustainability with diverse funding streams, a substantial and engaged membership, efficient IT based processes, and a strong core team of staff and volunteers delivering our goals.

How we deliver our goals:

  • Events and workshops: Usually organised as half or full day workshops, but also full residential weekends, these are planned with one (or more) of the following objectives: sharing leadership skills; sharing music resources; creating opportunities for participatory music making; and providing broad networking opportunities between community music leaders across the state.
  • Projects in partnership: We have increasingly established new projects in partnership with organisations who represent specific social groupings, specific regional interests, or who have complementary skills and experience. Such partnerships often lead to additional project funding.
  • Mentoring and advice: CMVic often arranges for emerging leaders who are setting up or running a group to be supported by experienced community music leaders. Such support may be provided either remotely or face to face.
  • Leadership resources: We continue to collect and develop resources to support leaders and make these readily available on our website. These include leadership skills best practice; online modules; and publications from international research.
  • Repertoire resources: CMVic has increasingly developed and implemented initiatives leading to new collections of songs and music suitable for use by community music groups. These may be developed through our own projects, or through others’ efforts, and are made available through our online store, and through the compilation of information on other sources of repertoire.
  • Communications and social media: Use of the CMVic website, eNews, Facebook, closed discussion groups, and Blog have provided up to date information on events, music groups, new projects, music resources, community music developments, and more broad networking and skills sharing.